Who We Are

Bryce Green

Risk Management Advisor

Tel: +62 21 5084 6611 | Email: Bryce.Green@hill-assoc.com


Bryce joined H&A in May 2016 and manages the Risk Analysis Division of Hill & Associates Indonesia actively reporting on Indonesia dynamic risk environment covering 24 different risk factors.

Bryce is a senior broadcast journalist with 14 years’ experience reporting in Australia, Indonesia and the United States. He was selected for a prestigious ABC News cadet ship in 2002 and served as a journalist there for 6 years, covering stories across Western Australia.

After serving as Executive Director of a Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Branding agency in the United States, Bryce returned to Australia in 2008 to work as a producer and presenter for ABC Radio and in 2012 went on to become Content Director at 98five FM, managing a roster of 16 staff responsible for producing 24 hour-a-day radio programming.

Bryce has been a regular visitor to Indonesia for the past decade, and in 2014 relocated to Jakarta where he took up a role at Berita Satu English, the country’s first English-language TV news channel. During his tenure he has covered stories from Indonesia for ABC Australia, BBC World News, France 24 and TV3 New Zealand. Bryce has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations and Politics.